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The physicians at Lepow Foot and Ankle Specialists pride themselves on utilizing the latest, most effective and safe technologies to treat painful foot and ankle disorders. Examples of some of these technologies and new devices include endoscopic plantar fascial release for chronic heel pain, arthroscopic surgery for chronic ankle pain, tendon lengthening procedures, endoscopic neuroma surgery, and the use of absorbable fixation (pins and screws).

We have been able to adapt most procedures to an outpatient setting utilizing local anesthesia for patient comfort, safety and pain free procedure.

Our doctors are trained in the latest wound care techniques for treating non-healing lower extremity wounds such as venous stasis ulcers, arterial ulcers, chronic wounds, and diabetic foot ulcerations. We provide exceptional foot care services for those patients at risk for developing any lower extremity wound by making an early diagnosis, patient education, and regular preventative visits for treatment of corns, calluses and toenails. We also provide prescription shoe wear and accommodative braces when indicated.

New Treatment for Acute and Chronic Foot and Ankle Conditions

The Lepow Podiatric Medical Associates is now offering use of amniotic tissues to treat, pain, inflammation and scar tissue formation associated with foot and ankle conditions.

Amniotic tissues are advantageous because they contain the cells, proteins, and components essential for generating all of the body's various organs, tissues, cartilage, and bone. Use of amniotic tissues has expanded with improved methods of sterilization, processing, and storage.

The inner lining of the placenta, called the amniotic membrane protects fetal tissues during growth and the development process. Amniotic tissue is safe for patients because it is considered immune-privileged, and is shown not to cause immune response from the patients. Each donor is prescreened and tested for infectious disease transmission. Donor screening is performed in accordance with strict guidelines from the FDA.

Fetal membranes are known for their unique composition and ability to promote epithelialization. Fetal membranes contain high levels of type III and type IV collagen. Type III collagen promotes early wound healing and important for wound regeneration.

There are several common conditions, which the LPMA physicians have determined are appropriate for treatment with amniotic tissue. These conditions included plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, peripheral nerve injuries, nonhealing wound including diabetic ulcers, and to enhance bone and cartilage healing. Typically, these painful conditions are treated for weeks, months, and sometimes years with immobilization, antiinflammatory medications, physical therapy, and surgical procedures. When other therapies have failed, we now offer treatment utilizing amniotic tissue in our offices during a regular office visit or in an outpatient surgical setting.

Find out if your condition is appropriate for use of fetal tissues by contacting any of our offices for an appointment.

Community Services

The physicians at Lepow Foot and Ankle Specialists will provide speakers as well as educational information to schools, businesses and faith-based organizations in our community upon request. It is our commitment to our patients and community to enhance their quality of life through education on appropriate foot and ankle care.

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