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Two Feet: Two Sizes

What do you do? How do You Find a Pair of Shoes?

Every now and then I get an “ask the doc” question that results in an enjoyable and informative e-mail conversation with someone who has visited our website and asked a question. I frequently learn and garner information from our website visitors.

Such has been the case with a visitor to our web site who I know as S. Duke.

Her question was simple and she asked it for a friend not herself:


“Oddball question - but here goes ... My friend has two different size feet - depending on shoe construction - left: 9 1/2 to 10 1/2, right: 11 1/2 to 12. He's had to buy TWO pair of shoes all his life and found it wasteful (two shoes immediately just thrown out), time consuming, EXPENSIVE and frustrating.”

“I've tried doing some Internet searching but all I've been able to come up with is a company that will manufacture a pair of shoes in two different sizes. Solves the fit problem but still very expensive. With your experience in the field or with all the resources at your disposal, do you know of or could you find a (resource)?”

My initial answer was responded to with some wonderful information from S. Duke that I want to share with you.

“If you ever receive such a request again I have found a retail source that will sell a mismatched size pair of shoes – Nordstrom's. The only qualifier is that the two shoes have to be at least 1 1/2 size different. Apparently the wife of the founder had survived polio as child, which left her with two different size feet and insisted the store service customers such as her.”

S. Duke continues:

”After doing a search on Nordstrom's I found they just so happened to be having their yearly Anniversary Sale the last two weeks of July. I went last weekend with my friend. He'd had a desperate need for new shoes for quite some time but had always found it so frustrating and expensive, and had been procrastinating for way too long. We got to the store early on Saturday, found a dedicated salesperson, and approximately one hour later had purchased 6 pair of shoes. He dropped a LOT of money but was SO impressed with the service and delighted with the whole experience.”

"Dr. Koepsel, it seems to me this might be a common issue people would come to the PodiatryNetwork to find information."

Perhaps the info about Nordstrom's policy could be posted somewhere on the your website. I recognize that that your website probably would have some concerns regarding not wanting to be interpreted as promoting any particular retail product or source, but this service that they offer has proven such a boon to my friend.

I overheard a conversation he had with his mother just a couple hours after our shopping experience... "After ALL THESE YEARS mom, (he's 37) the FIRST painless shoe shopping experience I've ever had." His plan from now on is to visit Nordstrom's once a year in July during their sale and purchase whatever shoes he'll need for the coming year.

"Nordstrom's just achieved a dedicated customer.”

”Again, thank you for your response. Please consider posting to the website this mismatch shoe size policy of Nordstrom's (or any other chain that does this service). There must be SO many people with this problem out there who would appreciate this service as much as my friend does.”

I want to thank S. Duke for her persistence and the research that she did for a friend…and for all of you out there with a similar problem.

I also want to thanks Nordstrom's for providing the service.

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